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All nutrients have an important role to play in the body, but Vitamin D seems to be absolutely critical to our health. Both overall mental and physical well-being seem strongly tied to getting enough Vitamin D, and new research adds a strong correlation to overall all cancer risk. Make sure you start each day with […]


Thankfully, cold and flu look like they’re on their way out, but don’t put your sinus flooding kit away yet. Use it to stay on top of spring allergies and sinus infections.


Every year, Lyme Disease spreads a little further. Some projections say Lyme Disease (and the ticks that carry it) will have explosive growth over the next few years. One interesting harbinger may be horses; with lots of exposure to tall grass/nature and the small mammals that carry ticks, horses may be more prone to Lyme […]


Skin Care from the Inside Out

February 23, 2018

Dry winter skin and running noses can cause skin problems all by themselves, or they can make existing skin problems worse. Do something to help support your skin with colloidal silver.


It started with a simple observation by researchers: amyloid-beta, the protein that builds up in the brain and causes Alzheimer’s, looks very similar to an ancient protein in the blood that’s a critical part of the immune system, and the similarities to the “ancient immune system” don’t stop there. After a decade of research, there’s […]

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