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There are lots of cultures built around tea, and they offer some wonderful tea habits to stick into our own day. Tea, especially something healthy like our caffeine-free Jiaoguolan, can be a healthy addition to your day in and of itself, or it can be a substitute for coffee if you’re trying to cut caffeine. […]


It used to be more common to hear that you need less sleep as you age, but more people are hearing the truth: that 7-9 hours of sleep should stay consistent for your whole life (within that range depends on genetics). When you’re sick, you need more sleep, and that’s ok. You should always try […]

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You may have already read about a research article or two that ties the good bacteria that live in our gut to many other health factors, from heart health, to weight, to mood. Here’s another feather in the cap: if you support your gut with prebiotics (especially through events known to diminish gut health, like […]

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The Effects of Stress

November 14, 2016

It’s been a stressful year for everyone. Last week we talked about breaking out of the cycle stress can stick you in. But all over social media, people are still talking about experiencing the side-effects of stress, including IBS, high blood pressure, insomnia, and weakened immune system (the short way of saying a lot of […]

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Longer nights should mean more sleep (if you want/need it), but many people find themselves fighting insomnia, instead. Most of winter insomnia can be tied to electricity, especially now that there are phones, tablets, and tvs to amuse us. Way back when, it was common to bunker down during winter with stored provisions and tell […]

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