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There are old wives’ tales for everything, including how to get enough sleep (and what enough sleep even is!). Make sure you’re not sabotaging your brain and cheating yourself of a good night’s rest by forgetting these bad bits of advice. And if you still need help beating insomnia, get natural help from our Sleep […]

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Settle Disrupted Sleep

April 9, 2019

The clocks sprang forward as the days started to really lengthen, to warm, and to get busier. You might be waking from your winter hibernation to find that sleeping is harder than it was a month or two ago. Here’s how you can naturally battle insomnia and settle back to blissful slumber. If you already […]

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Insomnia: Cause or Effect?

February 27, 2019

Sleep is a cornerstone of health. Not getting enough doesn’t just leave you ragged the next day, it can cause long term damage over time. Poor memory, poor metabolism, poor heart health, and more. While studies continue to find more health problems caused by insomnia (including how our fat cells function), two well done studies […]

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More Ways to Sleep Better

January 29, 2019

With many Americans dealing with insomnia, it’s no wonder scientists continue to research ways to naturally help people get a good night’s sleep. You might be able to try some of these at home, and you can pair them with a natural sleep aid like those in our Sleep Support Pack.

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Some people know they need their beauty rest, while others insist they can function just fine on 4-6 hours. The truth is, not getting enough sleep (7-9 hours) has a measurable influence on your next day performance, whether you’re typing, driving, or an all star athlete. If you’re struggling to get your Zzzs, get help […]

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