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Questions About Hep C?

June 26, 2015

You may have seen Hep C advertisements around the web, targeting Baby Boomers. Why? It’s recommended that all Baby Boomers get tested for Hep C. They, as a generation, were at just the wrong time for medicine and disease spread. Stories of reusing needles to give vaccines, for instance, are common. The practices that prevent […]

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As the Affordable Care Act kicks in, some areas of the country are going to have VERY long waiting lists for Hep C treatment (many already have waiting lists, especially among providers who accept government healthcare plans). This discourages many from getting tested: “It doesn’t make sense to test people and put them through that […]

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Hep C retreatment with interferon, according to a review of big trials, actually increases the risk of death. If one Hep C treatment has failed, trying again with interferon may succeed in reducing virus levels, but actually increases risk of death and does not improve Hep C symptoms compared to no treatment. First, this will […]

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