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Snow Day/Tea Day

February 6, 2019

If the Polar Vortex is sending you snowy weather, or it’s just colder than normal where you live, cuddle up with a cup of health supporting Jiaogulan tea. It’s the perfect choice for warming your insides on a cold winter day. It may not be the traditional choice, but let’s be honest—hot chocolate, especially with […]


It doesn’t feel like spring this week as cool weather is everywhere and Colorado and the Northeast get some cold moisture… but that makes it the perfect time to cozy up with a hot cup of Jiaogulan tea. Making lemonade from lemons is for the summer, during a cold day, make it warm, cozy, and […]

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While bad health habits can drag us down quickly, good health habits can support a long and bright future. The big things like getting enough sleep and a generally healthy diet are almost so simple they’re just the opposite of bad habits. You can pick up more health points with a few simple good habit […]

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The first snow has fallen. You may have celebrated with a cup of hot chocolate, or grimaced into your coffee, but the best way to stay warm this winter while you watch the flakes fall, play in them, or shovel them away is a cup of tea. Not a caffeinated pot of camellia sinensis, or […]

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Labor Day weekend is in front of us, and beyond that, crisp fall weather. Apples, pumpkins, more rain, and changing leaves are great, but best of all is a warm cup of tea in a cozy place. And of course, there’s a downside to fall—cold and flu season—so having a health supporting tea on hand […]

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