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Jock Itch

Don’t Bring Gym Germs Home

February 9, 2015

Gyms are hot and moist (whether it’s from a pool or dedicated athletes)—the perfect place for yeast to grow. But it’s not just yeast—all that exposed skin means that gyms are also a good place to pick up MRSA. Don’t dismiss it as just the nightmares of germaphobes—the things that grow in gyms can infect […]

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A couple dozen different things can turn your skin red and blotchy. Here’s part one of your guide to rashes: Is it red with a red ring around it? It might be Lyme Disease. The center of the ring is where the tick bit, and the ring indicates that the tick may have given you […]

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Support Your Active Body

July 11, 2013

Yoga, rest, water, these are the basics of supporting an athletic body. But you can also tailor your nutritional intake to support your burning muscles, pumping heart, and sweating skin. Are you active to keep your weight down? Start each morning with one Slim NRG. It’s a natural, non-stimulant supplement designed to aid weight loss […]

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If you plan to be active this summer (And why not? Summer is a great time to have fun exercising) make sure you take steps to protect your skin—and not just from the sun, but from yeast, ringworm, and other skin infections that can occur during sweaty sports or a poolside misadventure. Tennis, jogging, soccer, […]

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