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Kidney Stones

Unless you’re closely following all the health studies that come out, you may not be aware that there’s a big new player in the world of health: bacteria. Not the kind of bacteria that make you sick, but the kind that keep you healthy—they support heart health, mental health, how we age, how we digest […]


A Fun Natural Treatment?

September 28, 2016

Or scariest, depending on your phobias. If you suffer from frequent kidney stones, here’s a revelation for you: the cure might be a few trips on a rollercoaster! When a urological surgeon noticed anecdotes piling up about patients who passed small kidney stones after a visit to Disneyworld, he dug a little deeper. Most stories […]

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Many doctors will recommend a radical diet change for people who get kidney stones. It’s mostly a long list of things to avoid. And because studies have linked taking a calcium supplement to an increased risk of kidney stones (calcium is one of the most common components of kidney stones), many doctors will tell you […]

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Gout, also known as “rich man’s disease” is known for causing joint pain. What is gout? It’s the buildup of uric acid in the body—and the feet are often a prime location for it. But gout can also cause kidney stones and other problems, especially if untreated! Get that joint pain looked at. Although gout […]

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A recent study has made headlines by proclaiming that Vitamin C causes kidney stones—but a closer look shows that the study was flawed, and that there’s more research showing Vitamin C helps prevent kidney stones instead. The argument against Vitamin C is that it causes oxalate production, increasing your risk for the most common type […]

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