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The best way to handle a kidney infection is before it starts, whether you’re prone to them or in the early stages of a urinary tract infection (UTI). Fortunately, you can use colloidal silver for kidney infections whether you’re working to prevent them, or adding it as complimentary support. Colloidal silver is pure silver nanoparticles […]


We know quite well the sort of effects changes in gut bacteria can have on digestion, and scientists have been exploring ways it may impact weight, depression, and other organs. Here’s another for the list: the sort of bacteria we cultivate may increase or decrease our risk of developing kidney stones. With the weather warming […]

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People who had a bit of wine each day were almost a third less likely to have kidney problems—and even those who already had chronic kidney disease saw a similar improvement in their risk for a related cardiovascular event. For whatever reason (the study didn’t establish causation, just correlation) wine reduced protein in urine—a marker […]

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Many doctors will recommend a radical diet change for people who get kidney stones. It’s mostly a long list of things to avoid. And because studies have linked taking a calcium supplement to an increased risk of kidney stones (calcium is one of the most common components of kidney stones), many doctors will tell you […]

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Do Statins Cause Cataracts?

September 24, 2013

Statins, a blockbuster drug that suppresses cholesterol production, have again been linked to an increased risk for cataracts, when the eye’s lens gets clouded. There have been conflicting studies in the past, this one looked at different groups in Texas. It found that the longer you took statins, the greater the risk for developing cataracts. […]

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