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Omega-3 for Healthy Aging

November 6, 2018

Healthy aging—getting old with a sound mind and without chronic illness—should be an important goal for everyone, especially as modern technology is helping more people to live longer. One key nutrient for this endeavor may be Omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have attributed strong benefits all throughout the body from Omega-3 fatty acids, and getting those […]


According to the National Institute of Health, Omega-3 fatty acids from supplements may help lower high triglyceride levels, relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and relieve dry eyes. Omega-3 is known to be an important part of the diet, so make sure you get enough each day with Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

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When talking about the best way to support your health, experts love to play tug of war over fish oil. A study comes out showing that it supports heart, eye, or brain health, or that it’s good for longevity. A contrary piece comes out—don’t we know taking fish oil is bad for the environment? And […]

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Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, krill oil adds a layer of support to many parts of the body, including the brain, eyes, central nervous system, heart, stomach, and skin. Krill oil may even support mood and the immune system. Joint health is one of the most popular reasons people choose […]

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Are you getting enough Omega-3s? They’re important for brain, heart, and more. Found in foods like fish and nuts, it can be hard to include enough Omega-3s in your daily diet, especially the really important Omega-3 DHA, which supports brain health. An easy way to make sure you’re getting enough Omega-3 each and every day […]

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