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There are lots of ways to support your health: you could make sure you have enough time for a good night’s rest, plan a nutritious meal, or make sure you’re taking all your supporting supplements (like colloidal silver or Vita One). Some support is external (like taking supplements), some is just good self care (like […]


Summer can be a season of action—there’s so many outdoor activities to choose from, even if it’s just grilling in your own backyard. But don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, or whatever is growing in your garden. Even in urban areas, there’s growth, life, and calm moments to appreciate. Pour a cup of […]

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Walk for Longevity

June 6, 2018

Whether you walk at a causal speed or pick up the pace, walking increases your heart health and improves overall longevity. According to a new study, walking at a normal pace decreases heart health risks and overall mortality risks roughly 20% more than a slow pace, and a brisk pace increases the benefits by another […]

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Research is pursuing Resveratrol as a possible means to fight aging. While lots of good things are already known about Resveratrol, like it helps prevent free radical damage, is already linked to longevity, weight loss, and diabetes support, this new research is showing a lot more of what Resveratrol may be capable of. According to […]

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It’s long been held that you can’t bank sleep on the weekends—you need to get enough each and every night for optimal health. But there might be one important aspect of health that does benefit from a little more weekend sleep—longevity. Lack of sleep is hard on your heart and mind. It can make it […]

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