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You don’t have to have a cold to experience congestion. During this time of year, the cold dry weather can easily trigger all kinds of mucus, whether it’s hard and blocked, runny, or somewhere in between. You might spend all day battling it, only to continue into the night, fighting to breathe, and to sleep. […]


What’s a nebulizer? It takes a liquid and turns it into a breathable mist, and it’s an invaluable tool when dealing with any respiratory problems. You don’t need a prescription to get a nebulizer. Sometimes, people will get a prescription for a meication to nebulize (ERs love writing scripts for steroids) but there are lots […]

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Do More with Your Nebulizer

November 22, 2016

Nebulizers are trending up—a lot of people are being told to get one, but they may not be sure what to do with it afterward. If you haven’t yet encountered nebulizers, they’re a device that turns liquid into a breathable mist; they can be a great immune support tool during cold and flu season, so […]

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Breathe Deeply

February 25, 2016

I think it’s a tough call which organ is the most under-appreciated. I think there’s a good case for the lungs—breathing isn’t a conscious decision. There aren’t many major diseases that strike them randomly, so lungs don’t get their own month. And even if you don’t think about your liver or pancreas often, you know […]

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When Should You Nebulize?

December 3, 2015

Whether you already own a nebulizer and aren’t sure when to pull it out, or are curious about what they are and what they do, here’s a useful list of sometimes you might want to pull a nebulizer out. -Before Bed There might be quite a long list of times you want to nebulize before […]

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