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Boost Joint Health this Fall

September 4, 2018

You won’t know how much you appreciate them until they hurt. Everyone should support their joint health before aging, an accident, or another health issue (like Lyme Disease) makes them ache, or affects mobility. Now is the perfect time to give your joints a boost with antioxidant rich Joint MGRx.


Give Back to Your Dogs

August 28, 2018

Study after study has revealed that owning—or even just bonding with a pup—can improve your health. Make sure that you’re giving back to your canine companion with lots of love, regular doctor visits, and even a little daily immune support with colloidal silver. How do pets help us? Owning a dog may cut your risk […]

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Joint pain isn’t just pain—it’s a block on being able to do your normal activities, whether that’s just getting around your house, getting out, or getting active. There are a number of causes of joint pain, and they can come together to create a mess. Use a combination of prevention and support to get at […]

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The last big report shared that over half of all US counties have Lyme Disease. Now, Quest Diagnostics has released data based on blood samples that it’s clear: all 50 states have Lyme Disease (and, logically, the ticks that carry it). Many of these regions aren’t aware. Patients aren’t aware to check for ticks or […]

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Communities everywhere are issuing warnings: there’s a tick-boom this year, and with that comes more tick borne illness. (And more need for immune support from colloidal silver). It’s not just Lyme Disease. Serious cases of things like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are also turning up—and you don’t even have to leave your own backyard to […]

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