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Every year, Lyme Disease spreads a little further. Some projections say Lyme Disease (and the ticks that carry it) will have explosive growth over the next few years. One interesting harbinger may be horses; with lots of exposure to tall grass/nature and the small mammals that carry ticks, horses may be more prone to Lyme […]


Ticks: A Global Threat

January 26, 2018

Each year, the region of the US that has Lyme Disease gets a little bigger—it’s not just the Northeast anymore. More than half of US counties have Lyme Disease, and as the weather heats up and humans build more homes next to nature, the risk of getting bit by a Lyme Disease carrying tick goes […]

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Is your flu really the flu? Flu-like symptoms describe a variety of illnesses, because really, they’re an immune response as your body shuts down to fight off a pathogen. Besides cold, flu, and other airborne diseases, time outside can give you something else to worry about: a tick bite that spreads one of the many […]

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Tick season isn’t so much tied to “summer”, as it is warm weather. And these days, warm weather can go well into fall. With Lyme Disease carrying ticks in more than half of US counties, everyone needs to be aware of Lyme Disease. Not only does Lyme Disease awareness help with recognizing symptoms so you […]

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Pets Need Immune Support, Too

September 18, 2017

If your pets spend time outside, visit dog parks, occasionally go to a kennel, have other pets visit, travel with you or any other number of things, they need a little immune support, too. Dogs and cats have their own world of communicable diseases, and can get bacterial diseases (ear, mouth, digestive infections) just like […]

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