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The common cold has already been making the rounds this year. How do you know if you have cold symptoms? And did you know you can get the common cold more than once? Get ready for the common cold this year—avoid it, get through it, and try not to get it more than once! Cold […]

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On The Cusp Of Flu Season

October 7, 2015

Doctors are extra alert this month, because any day now flu season will begin. First, clusters will start popping up in different cities. By Christmas, everywhere you go will be a petri dish, blooming with flu. Based on trends, experts are ready for a bad one, too! While you’ll see big pushes for the flu […]

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New Midwestern Tick Disease

January 2, 2015

The Midwest seems to be developing new Tick borne illnesses. The latest has been dubbed “Bourbon virus“, for Bourbon county, Kansas. The East coast is best known for tick borne disease, with Lyme Disease warnings making headlines every spring. But tick borne illness is far more widespread than that, cases are just more far between […]

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The season started early, and so by now, flu symptoms are prevalent. If you didn’t catch them over the holidays, there’s a good chance they’ll find you at work over the next few weeks. Many areas are dealing with mini-pandemics, and fighting to get the word out about preventing the spread of flu symptoms: Wash […]

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