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It’s all over the news: measles and mumps outbreaks are all across the nation. Because there’s a lot of finger pointing, it’s a pretty divisive issue. Here’s some of what you need to know: who’s at risk, what are the symptoms, and how you can help protect yourself from measles and mumps. As with most […]

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Measles Outbreak Growing

January 11, 2019

Across the country several measles outbreaks are continuing to grow, some of which are now the largest in modern history. Measles is back, and here’s what you need to know.

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Measles for the Holidays

December 4, 2018

It might be that it’s been decades since you’ve thought about measles, since it hasn’t been a childhood illness in a long time—or you might be following headlines, and are concerned about the recent outbreaks as measles gains new footholds. Wherever you are, be prepared for possible exposure to measles with immune support from colloidal […]

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Outbreaks on the Rise

November 19, 2018

It’s already charted: measles and mumps are on the rise all over, and in several states they’ve gotten a foothold. Data shows that we can expect the problem to grow, as more are opting out of the vaccines. As these diseases reemerge, even people who are vaccinated need to watch out. For most, having received […]

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November and December are busy travel months in the US thanks to two major holidays and lots of time off school—they’re also smack dab in the middle of flu season. You’ll receive lots of warnings about flu season this year, but there’s something else to worry about if you’ll be flying: measles and mumps.

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