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Gut bacteria have been revealed to be central to our health. The health and composition of our gut bacteria is woven tightly into our weight, our mental state, our impulses, our heart, and more. There are lots of known ways to help or hurt them, and here’s one more for the list: drugs other than […]


Is Your Medicine Safe?

April 12, 2013

A recap, in case you haven’t been following all the drug recalls this last year: fungal contamination of a medication injected into the spine caused a meningitis outbreak, glass was found in a generic form of Lipitor, and then MORE drugs were recalled after also being found to have fungus/contaminates. And yet it goes on. […]

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Remember the fungal meningitis outbreak? It hasn’t been that long since it swept the nation: spinal injections contaminated by mold sent fungus right to the brain, causing meningitis. Initially, those infected had a very low survival rate, but as doctors figured out what was happening, what had caused it, chances improved. Well, the initial spinal […]

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Pineapple-Shapped Lamps, an improv troop based in North Carolina, has made a video entitled “Literal Drug Commercial”. It’s a fine piece of satire, with a good knock at our current drug approval process: “Drug…the legit sounding medical breakthrough that just got FDA approved last week thanks to intense pressure from pharmaceutical lobbyists”.

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