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It might be something new—a hobby, a skill, or a job—it might be improving or maintaining something old—but we all have goals. It takes mental and physical coordination to meet most goals, as well as determination. Support all three with colloidal gold. What is colloidal gold? Colloidal gold is just two things: pure (not ionic) […]

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Get Focused this Fall

August 8, 2019

Now’s the perfect time to get organized, focused, and reach for your goals. Back to school sales are going, so you can pick up a planner, art supplies, and storage and organization tools/furniture. Or you can work on your inner focus and organization with support from colloidal gold. However you track and organize your life, […]

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Keep Your Mind Sharp

June 24, 2019

If you’re always losing your keys it’s time to sharpen your mind. Keep your mind strong as you age by giving it a little extra car now. Where to get started? Try some or all of these habits to support a stronger memory, healthier brain, better focus and concentration, and even a boost in mood. […]

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It may seem obvious, but it takes time for studies to confirm things, and they’re getting more specific all the time. So here’s an old truth, confirmed: how well our memory works is tightly wound up with sleep, age, and mood. While past studies have looked at general parts of this picture, a new one […]

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Build a Better Brain

May 3, 2019

Research consistently shows that even post-middle age, you can work to build the brain of a healthy 20-something. How? 15 minutes of sitting and doing nothing–or basically, meditate. While clearing your mind is a practice anyone can pickup, even if it’s just five minutes a day, other forms of meditation, like some yoga practices, can […]

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