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Unless you’re closely following all the health studies that come out, you may not be aware that there’s a big new player in the world of health: bacteria. Not the kind of bacteria that make you sick, but the kind that keep you healthy—they support heart health, mental health, how we age, how we digest […]


Study after study confirms that owning a pet, especially a dog or cat, offers health benefits. Researchers recently reviewed a pile of studies and concluded that indeed, there’s a mental health benefit when you care for a dog or cat—and a slight dip when they get ill and pass.

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Make 2018 the Best Year Yet

January 1, 2018

Set the goal now to fill 2018 with happiness, friendship, and peace. A good outlook and some time spent with supportive, loving friends isn’t just a nice thing to have, it can benefit your health. Besides cutting out health ruining stress, studies have found that being positive (and happier) is associated with a stronger immune […]

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This month, clean shaven men everywhere are setting their razors aside to grow beards and mustaches to put a spotlight on men’s health. Some are just raising awareness, others are partnered with charities and gathering sponsorships to help raise money for research. In support of their efforts, here are some of the issues that men […]

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In many cases, a basic solution may be the right answer to a complex problem. For mental health problems like depression, hallucinations, and anxiety, focusing on getting more sleep might clear up symptoms for some people. A study offered people with insomnia Cognitive Behavior Therapy as treatment, and compared to a group with no therapy, […]

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