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When flu season finally ends, it won’t mean the end of taking care of your respiratory system! Whether you’re active this summer traveling, swimming, and exploring or passive (and still getting pollen, occasional bites, and exposure to pollution–indoor and out) stay on top of keeping your nose and sinuses clear, and getting extra lung support […]


Even the mildest sunburn and the wimpiest cuts should be treated with TLC. Every sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer, and every break in the skin is an entry point for superbugs like MRSA–even if the odds are low, it’s easy enough to use a little prevention! And everyone takes a hit to […]

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We live in weird times. Antibiotic resistance is spreading and growing, tropical viruses are spreading through the Western hemisphere (Zika, Yellow Fever, Chik V, Dengue…), Lyme and other tick borne illness is spreading, and on and on. Summer used to be a time free of winter illness, to get out in the sunshine and build […]

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Cuts, scrapes, sunburns and more are par for the course in summer. If you live where it’s been record hot, you might even pick up a little burn on a sun heated surface (and as a side note, if you can’t walk barefoot on the sidewalk, don’t let your pets do it!). While prevention is […]

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Do More with Your Nebulizer

November 22, 2016

Nebulizers are trending up—a lot of people are being told to get one, but they may not be sure what to do with it afterward. If you haven’t yet encountered nebulizers, they’re a device that turns liquid into a breathable mist; they can be a great immune support tool during cold and flu season, so […]

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