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There are many superfoods out there; they variously support heart, bones, brain health, and many other things, and they’re an important nutritional building block. But as research comes out, there may not be an easier, more sweeping way to support health than building up your good gut bacteria with probiotics. Probiotics, which are found in […]


Researchers are slowly unfurling all the ways our gut defines us, from our weight, immune function, and health, to our mood, personality, and memory. Yep, the bacteria living in your gut may be influencing how strong your memory is. Different labs are all turning out similar results: common helpful bacteria like those found in probiotic […]


A new study has found that carrying “bad” bacteria in your microbiome, the kind that cause inflammation, can increase your risk of picking up other infections. It’s not just that it taxes your immune system, although of course it does: having any chronic health problem, even mild inflammation, means that your immune system is constantly […]

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