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If you’re not preparing for Zika with some extra immune support, it’s time to get on that. Puerto Rico is getting hit with Zika, and it’s likely to be bad—they aren’t equipped for the hundred of microcephaly births that are expected, nor severe side-effects like Guillain-Barre. The sweep of Zika through Puerto Rico is almost […]

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When it comes to the Zika virus, there are two messages being spread: “the US will beat it and it will be a minimal problem here”, and “oh man, this is bad, it’s even worse than we thought, panic”. Which is right? The truth is somewhere in between: the US has money to fight Zika, […]

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Getting Zika Straight

March 30, 2016

A survey has revealed that a concerning number of Americans don’t know the fundamental basics about the Zika virus—spring is warming the ground, and mosquitoes are becoming awake and active up and across the US. So read up about the fundamentals of Zika virus. Then share this article with a friend. How do you get […]

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