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Milk Thistle

Take Care Of Your Liver

November 4, 2013

Digestion, detoxification, hormones, metabolism… those are just four reasons you want a strong, healthy liver! It really is responsible for a lot! But how do you take care of your liver? You can exercise your heart, feed your brain (food and knowledge), moisturize your skin, eat calcium for your bones…  but what does your liver […]

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The Benefits Of Milk Thistle

October 29, 2013

Milk thistle is famous for its positive effects on the liver. Silymarin, the active component, is a powerful liver-specific antioxidant that helps to protect liver cells and detox the liver. This includes many types of liver damage: alcohol, hepatitis, and environmental toxins. There are other reported benefits to milk thistle, too: it may support a […]

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