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Zeolite for a Safer Detox

November 12, 2019

If you want to detox, do it safely! Zeolite helps to remove heavy metals and other large particles contaminated from your body. It’s something you add to your diet, it doesn’t require fasting nor does it require you to eat weird things! When you’re detoxing, what, exactly, are you targeting? Many trendy detoxes advertise results: […]

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Sleeping in isn’t going to make you lazy, in fact, it just might have the opposite effect. Sleeping when we need to is important for our immune system (and battling inflammation), our brains, our hearts, and our weight. It’s not just about quantity though, it’s about quality (and you might need fewer ZZZ’s if you […]

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Get a Better Source of Calcium

November 22, 2018

If it hasn’t happened already, it’s likely to at some point: it will be recommended you take a calcium supplement. Calcium is most famous for supporting bones, which need the extra help as we age, but it’s also used throughout the body in other ways. Neurotransmitters, muscles, enzymes, and more rely on calcium. With so […]

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A new review of nutritional research shows that getting your vitamins and minerals can help promote longevity. It’s estimated over 70% of Americans are deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral. While few today are deficient enough for immediate health consequences, being shorted on your vitamins and minerals can add up, and may be […]

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Refresh Summer Skin

July 2, 2018

Sweat, sunscreen, chlorine, lake and river bacteria/algae, and increased sun starts to take a toll on skin this time of year. Burns, acne, rashes, cuts, scrapes, bites, and more start to show up—often together. Keeping skin clear of all these problems at once can be complicated and expensive (for minor results!) but it doesn’t have […]

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