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Dengue Outbreak

September 7, 2018

Thailand has an outbreak of Dengue Fever, one of the tropical illnesses carried by the mosquito Aedes aegypti. You may not be planning on visiting Thailand, but based on past years there’s a good chance this indicates Dengue will be in other tropical places around the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii and Mexico. Dengue Fever is […]


At this point it’s not a surprise: another illness transmitted by pests has emerged. The Keystone Virus is spread by mosquito bite, and the first human case of Florida suggests that there’s about to be more. The Keystone virus is likely related to Zika, putting it in a grouping of other tropical mosquito-borne viruses like […]

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South America has a good climate for Aedes aegypti and other mosquitoes that spread illnesses like dengue, yellow fever, zika, and others. Right now, it’s cases of yellow fever that are popping up. Yellow fever is a painful but usually short illness (and usually once in a lifetime). For a few (usually those with already […]

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Zika in Florida

July 20, 2016

Miami, Florida thinks it has the first locally acquired case of Zika. This is despite efforts to spray for the mosquito. The new case won’t be officially declared US transmission until the CDC confirms it. Zika has peaked in South America, but North Americans are still at risk. The peak has nothing to do with […]

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It’s essential: support your immune system after a bite. New research has found that insect bites dramatically increase the spread of infection by allowing it to “hitchhike” a ride on your immune cells. Specifically, it’s mosquito saliva that’s allowing viruses like Dengue and West Nile to quickly spread throughout the body on immune cells.

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