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Summer is just around the corner, so whether you’re staying put, traveling domestically or internationally, have a few plans or no plans, make sure you’re ready to go! Start by kicking that lingering cough or runny nose. This winter was full of illness, and for some parts of the country, colds are still flaring up […]


This early spring doesn’t just mean early allergies, early bacterial food poisoning, and an earlier awakening or ticks and mosquitoes, it means taking into consideration warm weather risks for cats and dogs (and other outdoor pets if you have them, like rabbits, chickens, or other birds). There are a few simple things you can do […]

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The Western Hemisphere has a whole host of tropical illnesses cycling through countries and seasons—and yellow fever is starting another round. Right now it’s in Brazil, but the past few winters have shown a pattern where it will be pushing into the US by summer. Yellow fever, Zika, Dengue Fever, and CHIK-V are all tropical […]

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Is Zika Hibernating?

November 2, 2016

Zika’s been pushed out of the headlines by candy, fall safety tips, and bigger news unrelated to your health. But the problem of Zika is far from over. Here’s what you should know: If you like to fly South during the winter, think again. Where it’s warm, mosquitoes are still active, and in many popular […]

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One thing warned about long before Hurricane Matthew formed: hurricanes (and even other, more mild storms) spread mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, like Zika. A mild storm will blow and spread mosquitoes, and create wet conditions for them to propagate. A full blown hurricane will kill mosquitoes, but not all, and the ones that […]

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