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August 25, 2016

A multivitamin is a little bit of everything-in-one—that means a little bit of support for everything, and a wide-safety net for your diet. While most people have less than ideal eating habits, even those who try to focus on eating a good variety of everything each day might be missing out if their food wasn’t […]

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New research has made a strong link between kids who have migraines, and low vitamin level. Now, keep in mind that vitamin recommendations are a minimum, just what people need to survive. According to the research, kids who reported headaches/migraines to their doctors also had low levels of several important vitamins. What really strikes me […]

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Vitamin D for Your Heart

April 6, 2016

Near the top of the list of “things most people don’t get enough of” is Vitamin D—getting a little bit more is not only good for your bones and general health, it’s linked to a stronger immune system, less seasonal depression, and more, like improving heart health, especially for people struggling with heart disease. In […]

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6 Swaps To Make This New Year

December 29, 2015

You may have made a holiday gift list, but how about a list of ways to improve your health in the New Year? Most people focus on their health when writing up a New Year’s resolution—but it’s no longer all about appearances. If you’re looking to foster a healthier lifestyle, try making small swaps rather […]

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Having trouble sleeping? This time of year can be a source of sleep trouble for may, despite the longer nights! Fixing your insomnia is critical though, because sleep is critical to staying healthy through cold and flu season. So, first step first: Give in to sleep. You can’t sleep too much. Your body decides how […]

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