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We all get aches and pains. For some they can be treated as simply as resting, soaking in hot water, or applying some hot/cold relief. For others, it can be harder to keep under control—especially if it’s chronic. Age, an active lifestyle, or changing weather that activates old injuries can really cause discomfort or all […]


It may be June, but plenty of people are still sporting pale winter skin—which is fine, as long as you’re getting Vitamin D elsewhere. You need more than you think—or is recommended. What they say you should be getting in terms of Vitamin D is just the minimum, most people need more to function better. […]

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As the warm weather inspires you to get moving more, you might find your muscles aching. Increased activity, doing something new, or just ending a period of inactivity can cause some minor aches, or if you’re not careful, major ones. Prevention goes a long way, but if you get caught with some pain, try starting […]

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Tackle A Tension Headache Fast

September 18, 2015

There are a lot of ways to defeat a tension headache—but for most people, the most important factor is speed. Tension headaches are often called stress headaches for a reason—and the best way to prevent them is to reduce and prevent stress. It can also be one of the best ways to treat them! But […]

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Kids Need Extra Support Now

August 19, 2015

This time of year, doctor visits sky-rocket for kids 5-18. It’s not just cold and flu season, either. It’s headaches and other symptoms of returning to school. Help support your kids health as they transition back to school: -Start each day with a multivitamin, and encourage them to eat their lunch. Skipped meals can be […]

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