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Does Coffee Keep You Awake?

August 19, 2019

If you have too much energy to fall asleep, or your brain is too busy to let you drift off, you might be looking for something to blame. Was the last show you watched on Netflix just a little too bingeable? Did you not focus hard enough on your to-do list? Does coffee keep you […]


When it comes to aching muscles, our first thoughts are often exercise, chores like yard work, or a new activity (that may be using different muscles). But inactivity can cause cramps, aches, and muscle tension, too! And inactivity that’s forced—whether you’re stuck on an airplane, in a hospital bed, or recovering from an injury—can hurt […]

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Better late than never, all the recent snowstorms have provided some cozy winter weather  (maybe a little too cozy if you’re further up north). But between storms, the sun is shining and there’s some warm weather and Vitamin D to be had. Stretch off all your winter bundling and soothe sore muscles with Dakota Muscle […]

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When should you stretch? Should you warm up? How do you soothe muscles after a workout? Here’s how experts currently you recommend do it all. It all starts with water. When you exercise, you’re breaking down and reforming muscles (and, ideally, sweating, too!). Stay hydrated for your health, and to reduce sore muscles later. Successful […]

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Ease the ache of cramps, sprains, arthritis, headaches and more with Dakota Muscle Relief. Help your muscles relax so you can sleep, soothe pain so you can get through the day, and relieve tension, headaches, and migraines with a rub or a spritz of Dakota Muscle Relief. With a hot/cold sensation to release pain and […]

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