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Nano Silver

All over the world, nano silver is researched as a possible alternative to antibiotics. One related discovery? Silver nanoparticles are particularly effective against the types of bacteria that form biofilms. Bacteria that are able to form biofilms are harder to kill and fight (like staph). They’re also more likely to develop antibiotic resistance (thus, MRSA, […]


The weather is shifting toward spring (even with the large dump of snow we just got in Colorado), so don’t let the heat sneak up on you, make sure you’re ready to keep your shoes fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray. From boots to sandals, a sudden wave of heat as the sun breaks through the […]

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Colloidal silver is antimicrobial—that means it fights bacteria, viruses, yeast/fungi, and more. How do we know colloidal silver is antimicrobial? There’s lots and lots of studies that show it is. Now, some colloidal silver retailers pay to have studies done. We (Colloids for Life) don’t—instead, I’m referencing the studies that have been done at universities […]

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Extra Immune Support?

January 5, 2016

If you’re starting new adventures, or changing old habits, you might want some extra immune support. While it may be tempting to grab the flashy packaged Vitamin C and D combo off the check-out line shelf, if you’re already taking a high-quality daily multivitamin, you probably don’t need it! (If you do, you have bigger […]

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We love customer feedback! Lately, a few of you have told us that you notice a difference: our brand of colloidal silver is noticeably better than other brands—even the ones that are true colloidal silvers, and not ionic. We’re not surprised, there’s a definitive reason for that—so let me explain! First, True Colloidal Silvers vs. […]

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