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Are Colloidal Minerals Safe?

February 18, 2020

If you don’t know what “colloid” means, or you’ve read a bunch of fear mongering about nanoparticles, you might be wondering, “are colloidal minerals safe?”. It’s a good question to ask if you aren’t already familiar with colloids like colloidal silver and colloidal gold, or if you’re new to supplements that complement our other health […]


 Colloidal gold is reported to be beneficial in numerous ways, supporting the mind and mind-body connection. With a range of benefits, there’s a lot to gain from regular support with colloidal gold. Many take colloidal gold as a daily supplement because it’s reported to boost focus, concentration, and mental acuity—helping to make each day a […]

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The discovery of stealth viruses may lead to new innovations for fighting viruses like the common cold, norovirus, and more. Or it could lead to an appreciation of what’s been working for centuries, like immune supporting colloidal silver. What’s a stealth virus? According to a new discovery, some viruses cluster into spheres (called vesicles, which […]

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While modern studies may just be taking a look at colloidal silver, it’s been around for centuries. Today, nano silver particles are used in everything from paint anyone can buy (meant to keep walls germ free), to professional antimicrobial applications (where they spray everything in high-risk environments), to specially coated materials in hospitals from the […]

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All over the world, nano silver is researched as a possible alternative to antibiotics. One related discovery? Silver nanoparticles are particularly effective against the types of bacteria that form biofilms. Bacteria that are able to form biofilms are harder to kill and fight (like staph). They’re also more likely to develop antibiotic resistance (thus, MRSA, […]

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