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Colloidal silver is a supplement made up of silver nanoparticles and water—there is a long history of silver as immune support, food preservative, skin healer, and more. As modern research has verified its antimicrobial properties, it’s become a hot additive for clothes, paint, catheters, and more. It stops odor in your expensive gym clothes, germs […]

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While modern studies may just be taking a look at colloidal silver, it’s been around for centuries. Today, nano silver particles are used in everything from paint anyone can buy (meant to keep walls germ free), to professional antimicrobial applications (where they spray everything in high-risk environments), to specially coated materials in hospitals from the […]

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Superbug Cascade

October 5, 2016

Antibiotic resistant bacteria, or superbugs, are taking over. While they’ve been around for a long time, existing antibiotics are becoming useless at an increasing pace. The newest issue? A variant of MRSA (LA-MRSA) is circulating in Europe. While it’s not unexpected, what’s important to note is that it’s being distributed by animal products. Raw meat, […]

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Summer Wound Care

May 5, 2016

Grill burns, sunburns, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, and more all come along with summer fun. Make sure you’re taking care of them, reducing scarring, and preventing infection! Cleaning up is step one. If you do a lot of biking, hiking, or other outdoor movement, you’ve probably figured out how to scrub out your own wounds. […]

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Closing HAI Gaps

October 14, 2015

Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are a big deal. Just being patient carries a risk of illness and even death—regardless of why you’re in the hospital. According to the CDC, 1 in 25 patients will have AT LEAST one HAI. Fighting against HAIs is top priority for most hospitals. The most profitable patients—delivering mothers, people getting […]

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