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Nite MGR

Getting enough sleep is important, but research suggests that when you sleep is equally important! Having an irregular sleep schedule ups the odds of metabolic syndrome—a cluster of conditions that increase your risk for heart disease, cardiovascular events, and diabetes. The more irregular your sleep schedule, the bigger the risk! Help get back on a […]


Technology is disrupting our sleep. Some countries are blaming the hours we lose to binging Netflix, texting, reading breaking news, and mindlessly tapping games for causing economic downturns. Losing sleep is causing a loss in productivity, increasing automobile accidents, and taking a toll on our overall health by weakening our immune systems. Here’s how to […]

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For some, insomnia is a year round struggle. Others think of sleep disruption as a summer problem when the days are busy and the nights short. But winter can cause (or exacerbate) sleep problems, too. Since sleep is one of the pillars of good health, longevity, and happiness, it’s worth keeping yourself on track, and […]

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There’s a Sleep Shortage

September 28, 2017

One in three Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. That means that one in three Americans are at an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, cancer, mental distraction, and just general misery as their bodies continue to struggle to keep up. What exactly constitutes the “right” amount of sleep, and how can you keep up? The […]

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The weather this year has been warm, but it finally feels like summer. Unfortunately, the occasional heat wave and generally warmer temps mean less sleep. After pouring through research, there’s a strong correlation between an increase in temperature and sleepless nights, and it’s worse for those who are older (who are more susceptible to heat) […]

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