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The number one way to prevent most diseases, including common winter illnesses like flu and Norovirus/other stomach illnesses, isn’t just agreed upon by medical professionals and supporters of natural health—it’s something you can do with minimal effort! Hand-washing has come up in another study as a main source of disease transmission, and one of the […]

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Overlapping Seasons

October 3, 2018

Norovirus outbreaks, flu cases, and more winter illnesses have already been reported—but summer (warm weather) illnesses are still going. You still need to watch out for food recalls, as some areas have enough heat to fuel bacterial growth.

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Norovirus Season Begins

September 24, 2018

With two Utah schools experiencing Norovirus outbreaks in addition to a number of other outbreaks across the country, Norovirus season has begun. It doesn’t get the same headlines as cold and flu season, but it works the same way. Cold, dry weather sets in and Norovirus starts to spread (cold, dry weather helps spread a […]

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The discovery of stealth viruses may lead to new innovations for fighting viruses like the common cold, norovirus, and more. Or it could lead to an appreciation of what’s been working for centuries, like immune supporting colloidal silver. What’s a stealth virus? According to a new discovery, some viruses cluster into spheres (called vesicles, which […]

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Watching Out for Stomach Flu

January 31, 2018

Many people still confuse influenza (the “flu” making headlines) with stomach flu; some even throw Norovirus in, like it’s either “the flu” or “Norovirus”. Understanding the difference and which symptoms belong to which illness is important, especially in such a life threatening flu season. Let’s get influenza out of the way. Vomiting and diarrhea can […]

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