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How good is your daily nutrition? It’s almost a trick question, because the amount and variety of nutrients you’re getting isn’t limited to what you choose to eat, but where it was grown, how it was processed/packaged, how long it took to get to you, etc. Once you eat, the nutrients you get are limited […]


Spring… the return of green, with sprouts of flowers and food poking out from the ground. As the spring harvest starts to roll in, there is some bad news… we’re not getting everything we could from the fresh vegetables and fruit that comes to us in the grocery store. Modern farming has long since depleted […]

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Shape Up Your Heart

March 14, 2018

It’s never too late to improve your health. Starting a good habit in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond can still make a difference. Good habits can improve quality of life and slow down or even reverse signs of aging. Just one change can perk up other areas of health, too.

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Calcium. Vitamin D. Iron. There are many nutrients that you may be a little deficient on, and need to make a regular part of your diet using a supplement. But don’t go out and buy a single ingredient supplement—nutrients work better together; they’re more efficient, and sometimes the underlying problem is indirect (you’re eating the […]

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Poor digestion can cause subtle discomfort—a sluggish afternoon, poor sleep, or just crabbiness—or it can cause large disruptions—an increasingly limited diet, insomnia, and disruptive stomach pain. Some people have food triggers, sometimes it’s the amount, or a change in diet and then for some it’s just everything. Struggling through elimination diets, carefully combing through ingredient […]

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