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You’ve finally found the perfect pair of shoes. You like how they look, can wear them all day with great comfort, and have finally broken them in so they’re perfect for your feet. Now keep them fresh longer with Smelly Shoe Spray. You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your shoes—how they […]


Walk for Longevity

June 6, 2018

Whether you walk at a causal speed or pick up the pace, walking increases your heart health and improves overall longevity. According to a new study, walking at a normal pace decreases heart health risks and overall mortality risks roughly 20% more than a slow pace, and a brisk pace increases the benefits by another […]

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As temperatures rise, a short walk becomes enough to elicit sweat, odor, and discomfort—nevermind the results of jogging, hiking, or otherwise enjoying a day outside. Keep the odor associated with sweat under control with Smelly Shoe Spray.

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Keep Wet Shoes Fresh

April 26, 2018

Caught in the rain, stepped in a puddle, a sweaty workout, or maybe a trip through the washing machine… a lot can make shoes wet, and the secret to helping them dry fresh is Smelly Shoe Spray.

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The government recommends 30 minutes of walking each day, and according to 2008 guidelines, that should be in at least 10 minute increments. Good news… better, more thorough research is changing those guidelines to make them even simpler: you can get the health benefits of exercise with just 2 minute intervals 15 times throughout the […]

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