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New Year, Fresh Shoes

January 9, 2018

We’re in the peak of the coldest, snowiest time of the year–your boots and other shoes are probably getting a little sweaty and smelly, whether you’re outside shoveling or inside where the heat is running. Freshen them up, and keep any new shoes you may have gotten nicer for longer with Smelly Shoe Spray. Smelly […]


Freshen Up Your Winter Home

December 6, 2017

Windy, cold, wet. Your windows are probably closed for most of the winter, and that can lead to some interesting smells. Even if it’s just musty, clear out some of those odors with Smelly Shoe Spray. Smelly Shoe Spray combines the germ fighting powers of colloidal silver with the pleasant smell of peppermint to get […]

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Cold wet weather means more time indoors, by both humans and pets (who sometimes bring the damp in with them after necessary outdoor breaks). Wet boots, sweaty skin from thick socks and sweaters, soggy pets, and closed windows can combine for a particular odor that greets everyone as soon as a door is opened. And […]

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It rains, and suddenly, puddles are everywhere. Your shoes are wet, and nothing is worse than the smell of wet leather and feet, except for the smell of shoes that are sweaty, too (a change in weather means going back and forth between the cold outside and the heated indoors). Stop shoes from picking up […]

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What is Smelly Shoe Spray? It’s a natural odor buster that goes beyond shoes to pet beds, drapes, and gym bags, and the dirty clothes you have to carry home from vacation. With a short, simple ingredient list, it’s easy to check for allergens, to understand what the ingredients are and why, and to see […]

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