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Measles Outbreak Update

April 27, 2018

Mumps, measles, and other childhood diseases are making a comeback. Several states have a measles outbreaks, and with as many as two weeks between exposure and measles symptoms, more people have likely been exposed and are spreading it.

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Hepatitis A outbreaks aren’t uncommon—unfortunately, many people, including some in the food service industry, aren’t great about washing their hands or following basic food safety. What’s unusual about the current Hepatitis A outbreak is that it’s orders of magnitudes larger than usual, and travelers are spreading it across state lines.

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Measles and Mumps, Oh My!

February 27, 2018

Outbreaks of once quashed viruses are increasingly common, so who needs to worry? And how should we prepare? Truth is, the answer is more or less the same as for anything: people with weakened immune systems need to worry the most, while everyone else just need general caution. One of the ways you can help […]

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A large E. coli outbreak is being shared between the US and Canada right now. Officially, the FDA has not pinpointed a source to the outbreak. Unofficially, Consumer Reports is warning everyone to stay away from romaine lettuce until a recall is made. Because romaine lettuce is the likely culprit, and because it’s often eaten […]

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How Mumps Threatens Us All

December 21, 2017

Florida (which always comes up because they have a lot of transparency and self-reporting) is experiencing its largest mumps outbreak in years. Nationwide there are at least 5000 mumps cases. Other states hit hard include New York, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri ad Washington. Because many people experience mild symptoms, there are likely many people carrying/spreading mumps […]

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