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Oxidative Stress

Spice Up Your Holidays

November 23, 2017

Here’s something that has a long list of studies supporting its potential health benefits: turmeric. A good source of the antioxidant curcumin, this superfood may help with a whole range of health problems, even offering a health boost to otherwise healthy people. One of the most studied benefits of curcumin is to support joint health. […]

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There’s an antioxidant in coffee, chlorogenic acid, which (at least in mice) protected the retinal tissue. Oxidative stress, which can come from numerous sources (including lack of oxygen to your eyes, contact wearers), can cause tissue damage and loss of sight. Antioxidants fight oxidation, and apparently chlorogenic acid is particularly good at fighting that oxidation […]

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Yep. Onions. While many people don’t like them, onions are an easy addition to many meals… and recent studies have found that they may have a strong effect on preventing oxidative stress. What is oxidative stress? Aging, stress, and major events that affect the brain and heart cause it—oxidative stress is a type of damage […]

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