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Keeping an Eye on Ebola

August 13, 2018

2016 came very close to an Ebola pandemic. Ebola is hard to treat, deadly, and incredibly contagious—often, for every patient 1-2 doctors were catching the illness, never mind the spread before the patient was contained in a medical facility! Although it mostly disappeared from the headlines as the thread of a global pandemic dissipated, Ebola […]


Scientists are working together across the globe to watch for, and to try and stay ahead of, the next global flu pandemic. They think they’ve found a likely source, too: man’s best friend. Humans and dogs not only live in close proximity with each other, making it easier for human flu strains to mix with […]

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Scientists have been looming it over us for years: the next great flu pandemic. How likely is it, and when will it happen? First, let’s lay out some good news: there’s a lot of people watching what’s happening, and working toward solutions from different angles (including a universal vaccine). The bad news? Both viruses like […]

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Millions of dollars are now regularly being donated to the African ebola outbreak to try and stop the disease from spreading. Despite best efforts, it’s growing at an increased pace. In just two days the number of people infected jumped by about 10%. And experts are still warning that things will get worse before they […]

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The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is growing. While it’s not yet worth quarantining the infected countries, we aren’t even taking steps to screen airline passengers for symptoms of the disease—the only international steps taken are to send aid, and to recommend no one fly to the region unless absolutely necessary. But we live […]

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