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This summer, there’s more to watch out for than the usual heat: a bigger snake population, an outbreak of a dog illness, and ticks. Here’s how to keep not just you, but your furry friends safe and healthy this summer with safety tips, immune support from colloidal silver, and more. If you didn’t already know, […]


Winter wasn’t consistently cold enough this year to kill off ticks, so an average to above average tick season is expected (depending on where you live). Ticks are everywhere, and ticks carrying Lyme Disease specifically are in more than half of US counties. Other regions carry other tick diseases, some related to Lyme Disease, others […]

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Give Back to Your Dogs

August 28, 2018

Study after study has revealed that owning—or even just bonding with a pup—can improve your health. Make sure that you’re giving back to your canine companion with lots of love, regular doctor visits, and even a little daily immune support with colloidal silver. How do pets help us? Owning a dog may cut your risk […]

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Tick Infestation

August 15, 2018

The Asian Longhorned tick, which was in just two states at two farms a few months ago, is now spreading throughout the US. While the biggest tick threat is still our own domestic species, which carry Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more, there’s still plenty to know about the Asian Longhorned tick. (AKA […]

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Your pets are probably just as excited for summer as you are—more time outside, walks with you, and new places and friends to smell. But there are plenty of dangers during the summer months, most of which just require a little prevention. Especially if your pet is people to you, make sure you’re doing everything […]

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