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Freshen Up Your Winter Home

December 6, 2017

Windy, cold, wet. Your windows are probably closed for most of the winter, and that can lead to some interesting smells. Even if it’s just musty, clear out some of those odors with Smelly Shoe Spray. Smelly Shoe Spray combines the germ fighting powers of colloidal silver with the pleasant smell of peppermint to get […]


Spending time with animals can help relax you and improve heart health, mental health, and more. But that’s if they’re friendly and healthy. For owners with sick pets, they’re more likely to develop depression and anxiety. Caretakers need a little love and consideration, too. First, clear your mind; make sure you’ve done everything you can […]

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Pets Need Immune Support, Too

September 18, 2017

If your pets spend time outside, visit dog parks, occasionally go to a kennel, have other pets visit, travel with you or any other number of things, they need a little immune support, too. Dogs and cats have their own world of communicable diseases, and can get bacterial diseases (ear, mouth, digestive infections) just like […]

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Lyme disease, flu, salmonella; pets can be a path for serious illness to get into your family. With some good habits and prevention, pets can be a rewarding support and comfort in your life. But it might still be worth some extra immune support from colloidal silver. Dogs and (often) cats love the outdoors, but […]

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Dog Flu in the US

May 31, 2017

Florida has an outbreak of highly contagious dog flu. If you have dogs (or cats!) then take a few preventative measures for them against dog flu. Dogs have no resistance to the flu, and a cough or sneeze can spread it up to 20 feet, leading to a quick outbreak via dog parks, kennels, and […]

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