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Medicine is great, but most people rely on them a little too heavily. There is no magic pill that will instantly make you better, but people demand antibiotics for their viral infections anyway (which it won’t cure). The trick is to work with your doctor to optimize your medications. Different people absorb medication differently, or […]

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More Drug Recalls Coming?

December 7, 2012

Three drug manufacturing companies have been issued cease and desist letters as part of Massachusetts’ investigation into manufacturers of sterile drugs. Although it was stated that there is currently no reason for a recall, the fact that so many questionable practices were found raises the question of whether there may be dangerous or contaminated drugs […]

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Medicine is pushed at us—through commercials, through mandates (vaccines), through a loss of control when we find ourselves in the hospital, ready to say yes to anything an authority figure suggests while we are in a vulnerable position. A Swiss drugmaker is confident that they may have as many as 14 new blockbuster drugs by […]

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