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Pneumonia is any infection in the lungs and has many causes. Often, pneumonia is the result of some other problem getting worse—severe chronic asthma, a rough bout of flu, or something mundane like choking on your drink! The good news is that you often know you’re at risk for pneumonia before you get it and […]


There’s hope that the decline in flu activity on the west coast is a sign the epidemic may soon work its way to an ending, but for now, flu activity is still rising on the east coast (and states in between are a mix). This season has seen a high rate of hospitalizations and deaths, […]

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2017 was predicted to be the year that antibiotic resistance really took a turn for the worse… and they were mostly right. A strain of E. coli was found in China that carried a gene making it resistant to some of our last line of antibiotics; the antibiotics so strong they carry side-effects almost as […]

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Dog Flu is Raging, Too

January 24, 2018

It’s not just humans getting hit hard by a flu epidemic, it’s dogs, too. Dog flu is highly contagious and spreading across the nation, so here’s how to prepare and protect your pets.

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Prepare for the Flu

October 7, 2016

It’s not just cold snaps blowing through; the flu virus is active, now, too (not surprising since it usually starts in October). For numerous reasons, including the outing of the spray-vaccine as ineffective, it’s expected to be a bad flu season with more cases than usual. Make sure you have enough colloidal silver for the […]

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