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The Power of a Sneeze

December 18, 2019

Eight feet away and up to 100 miles per hour—that’s the potential germ spreading power of a sneeze. You might be getting sick, already sick, or just carrying cold or flu, but it’s important to slow and stop the spread of germs this cold and flu season. And when people cough and sneeze around you—make […]

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The Flu is Moving North

November 14, 2019

According to Walgreen’s prescription tracker as well as hospital reporting, the Southern US, from the West coast to the East, is already facing an outbreak of the flu. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and traditionally that means a spread of flu cases. While no one is sure if this year will be as bad as […]

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Flu season is predicted to hit early and hard this year gauged by Australia’s flu season, the still unexplained double flu season we had last year, and other signs of the flu (there’s already been a flu death this year). Are you ready to prevent flu symptoms with support from colloidal silver and more? One […]

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You’re not imagining it; people are still coming down with the flu. This is the longest flu season in a decade at 21+ weeks, thanks to a second flu strain that started circulating in February. While the first strain that started in the fall was well-matched to this year’s vaccine, the February strain is not—so […]

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Preventing MRSA

March 11, 2019

In our national fight against MRSA, we’ve hit a plateau. The CDC has a recommendation of following a strict regimen for preventing staph infections in hospitals, nursing homes, and other care centers; it’s worked, but since 2013 we haven’t kept that momentum going. MRSA can get serious quickly, so here’s some info as well as […]

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