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Stay safe this summer—follow guidelines so your own food stays fresh, and support your gastrointestinal system against the unexpected and uncontrollable with regular probiotics and immune supporting colloidal silver. Food safety recommendations have been around for decades, but they’re more important than ever. The current spring and summer temperatures combined with increased demand for food […]

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It’s hard to deny the growing evidence: the gut and brain are connected, and we can change the brain’s behavior by changing our gut bacteria. New research has strengthened the connection between mood (and anxiety and depression in particular) and our gut bacteria; researchers not only found that stress changed gut bacteria, but that transplanting […]


The good bacteria (probiotics) that are in our gut, on our skin, and elsewhere in the body are key to our good health, not just digestion. Studies have revealed links to the immune system, mental health, cardio health, aging, and more. But when do we need to boost our good bacteria, and help them to […]

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A Superbug Fungus

April 15, 2019

It’s not just antibiotic resistance that’s a problem. There’s been a growing outbreak of an antifungal resistant fungus the last few years. Candida auris is a fungal infection mostly striking those with other severe conditions. In general, it’s common for people who’ve had a prolonged treatment with antibiotics to be more susceptible to fungal infections […]

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Out with the bad, in with the good. With all the research piling up about bacteria’s impact on our health throughout the body, it’s a good motto. A new study adds more about how bacteria is impacting our health: a bad bacteria from your mouth, Fusobacterium nucleatum, can make colon cancer grow faster. Clean out […]

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