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Sharpen Up Your Studies

March 31, 2016

Most students are just past spring break—and that means the home stretch until the end of the school year, and the finals that come with it. Time to stay focused, work hard, and finish big, and you can give them the support to do it (and help them avoid less savory “support” that often circulates […]

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Is Your Medicine Safe?

April 12, 2013

A recap, in case you haven’t been following all the drug recalls this last year: fungal contamination of a medication injected into the spine caused a meningitis outbreak, glass was found in a generic form of Lipitor, and then MORE drugs were recalled after also being found to have fungus/contaminates. And yet it goes on. […]

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Remember the fungal meningitis outbreak? It hasn’t been that long since it swept the nation: spinal injections contaminated by mold sent fungus right to the brain, causing meningitis. Initially, those infected had a very low survival rate, but as doctors figured out what was happening, what had caused it, chances improved. Well, the initial spinal […]

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More Drug Recalls Coming?

December 7, 2012

Three drug manufacturing companies have been issued cease and desist letters as part of Massachusetts’ investigation into manufacturers of sterile drugs. Although it was stated that there is currently no reason for a recall, the fact that so many questionable practices were found raises the question of whether there may be dangerous or contaminated drugs […]

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Update: Ranbaxy Laboratories, Ltd., have had to stop producing the generic form of Lipitor that was contaminated. Why? Because they can’t explain how the glass got in it! If their manufacturing process is that poor, I’d hope their drug sales finally do get stopped in the US (and really, everywhere). A generic version of the […]

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