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A Start to Flu Season

September 14, 2018

If you think you’re safe from the flu until at least October… think again. Florida is already seeing a surge of flu patients, although it hasn’t been long enough for them to declare an official start to flu season. Whether you’re traveling or just out in your community, start preparing for the flu now.

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About A Virus: RSV

August 23, 2013

Like so many illnesses, Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is most dangerous for the very old and very young. Most infants get RSV—but unlike chicken pox (which most kids used to get) you don’t get lifelong immunity from RSV. In fact, most people get RSV every 5 or so years. And if you have a […]

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In a competition at UC Berkeley sponsored by Intel, new methods for early disease detection were presented, including one that could detect Hepatitis C in less than an hour, at a fraction of the current cost. Hep C is sometimes called “The Silent Killer” because the infection can simmer for years, slowly destroying the liver […]

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Summer Flu?

July 27, 2011

While the summer of 2011 may be remembered for a heat wave, many are reporting both symptoms of influenza as well as the more common summer ailment stomach flu. (Stomach flu is more common because the summer heat provides the perfect warmth for bacterial growth in food). If you think you have flu symptoms, it’s […]

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COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known as chronic obstructive lung disease) is the 4th leading cause of death in the US; characterized by a narrowing of the passageways that makes it difficult to breathe, as well as the continuing destruction of the lungs overtime, COPD is not only very serious, but can severely impact […]

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