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Beyond Flu: RSV

December 27, 2018

If you aren’t super familiar with RSV, you still may have heard it mentioned in conjunction with children—it’s super common, but can get serious quickly with babies (often requiring time in the hospital). But RSV isn’t a get-it-once virus. Like the flu and cold, you can get RSV every year, or even several times a […]

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In the northern states, flu activity is still being reported as widespread as Influenza B makes the late season rounds. While you don’t need to worry as much as when flu season was at its peak, it’s still very much here and hospitalizations, and even deaths, are still being reported.

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Gear Up For Cold & Flu Season

September 23, 2014

It’s rare that we have to start talking about cold and flu season in September. But with so many kids hospitalized with cold-like symptoms (and many more kids, and likely adults, experiencing non-urgent symptoms), it’s worth a chat. Technically, it’s not yet cold & flu season—we’re just smack in the middle of Enterovirus season—which should […]

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If you live in the Southwest, beware that your flu-like may not be flu, they may be Valley Fever. Valley Fever is an airborne disease spread by the dry dust of the Southwest, and since last May, cases have been on the rise. Two factors are at work: first, over the last decade, the Southwest […]

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