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Make the most of the unexpected. The next time bad weather keeps you home, or there’s a road closure, turn it into a mental vacation. (If nothing serendipitous happens, consider scheduling one). Taking a day off to blow off steam has been shown to increase productivity at work, boost mental health, and decrease your number […]


Your heart needs care just like the more visible parts of you. We obsess over skin, weight, hair, and other minor details, but what we can’t see should get special attention, too. Exercise, rest (fighting stress), a healthy antioxidant rich diet, and more help boost heart health. But little habits can build up to better […]

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Take a Break Today

March 14, 2016

Happy worst holiday of the year! It’s heart attack Monday, thanks to Daylight Savings! Today, we all have a 25% increased risk of having a heart attack, a combination of altering our circadian rhythms, losing an hour of sleep, and starting a new work week. (Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep—if you’re struggling, try our […]

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Influenza loves cold weather, so it’s no surprise that people are coming down with the flu all over the place. Google Flu Trends is gone, but others are stepping up to create forecasts. What’s it look like? One map has the east coast (especially the northeast) full of flu, with a growing number of cases […]

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The Worst Type Of Sleep

November 6, 2015

…Is no sleep. But insomnia, or very short nights, are actually still some sleep—truly getting no sleep is when your sleep is constantly interrupted. Even if you’re “sleeping” in bed for 9 hours, according to the brain patterns of study participants, you’re never reaching the deep sleep you desperately need to refresh your brain! How […]

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