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Times change, and with them, so has some off the risk factors for heart disease. New studies have found that changing lifestyles have impacted who’s at risk for a cardiac event, and when. In one study, changing lifestyle and work patterns have moved the time you’re most at risk for a heart attack away from […]

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Lots of studies have shown that Vitamin D is important for your health, and now a new study adds a finality to that: low Vitamin D levels in people age 55 were associated with twice the risk of death from all causes when researchers did a follow up 9 years later. The upshot is that […]

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Decreasing Cancer Risks

March 30, 2012

The thing about most cancer warnings is that they seem obvious: lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, reduce and eliminate toxins, even elective ones like drinking and smoking. But new studies are finding proof that the links between ignoring this advice and cancer development are strong, and that many Americans may be unaware they are putting […]

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