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New Year, New Shoes

August 28, 2015

If you had kids start school this month, they probably went off with new shoes. And while you’re probably familiar with the frustration of how fast they can outgrow them, you can at least cut back on the frustration of how fast they wear out. Gym class, recess, cutting through a muddy open field, kids […]

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Kids Need Extra Support Now

August 19, 2015

This time of year, doctor visits sky-rocket for kids 5-18. It’s not just cold and flu season, either. It’s headaches and other symptoms of returning to school. Help support your kids health as they transition back to school: -Start each day with a multivitamin, and encourage them to eat their lunch. Skipped meals can be […]

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Boost Your Back To School

August 11, 2015

Whether you’ve got young kids who haven’t 100% mastered sneezing into their elbow every time, or older kids going to live elbow to elbow in the dorms, don’t forget to boost their immune system before you send them off to school. And don’t limit your support to immune boosts, support those learning, growing minds, and […]

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Study And Succeed This Fall

August 18, 2014

As the new semester starts, and students settle in, it’s time to make a plan to make this school year successful (and of course, all these tips apply to work-life, too!). Part One: Start with your schedule. It’s great to have a solid study plan, but not if you never make the time to do […]

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Avoid Back To School Germs

August 12, 2014

Whether your kids are headed back to school, or your young adults are headed off to college, their walking into a minefield of germs. Close proximity + cold and flu season means their immune systems are going to be fighting off a large number of illnesses (and change plus less sleep will be taxing them, […]

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