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It’s known, accepted, but seldom talked about: as we age, we start to heal more slowly. Bruises become bigger and darker, lingering longer. Scratches last longer than your memory of the event. And if you have a bigger injury, watching it slowy heal becomes almost a hobby, until it finally does and you realize how […]

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Treat Your Skin

January 3, 2017

If the spirit of the New Year has you making improvements, make sure to treat your skin. Our skin has more factors than we typically think about working on it—skin plays a role in our health, keeping pathogens out, taking environmental damage (from sun, dryness, and pollution), and supporting microbial colonies that support and protect […]

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Mosquitoes, allergies, wasps… all risk ruining a lover summer day. So here’s a checklist to get your backyard ready for summer so that you can enjoy the nice weather! -Depending on your area’s weather, mark you calendar for when you will start any fountains. Still water can be a source of mosquito growth, so you […]

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