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Check Your Order!

April 12, 2016

Before you order, check where you’re getting it. Every retailer is not the same! At Colloids for Life, we take pride in our customer service. We take phone calls, emails, and reach out to you through our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And we hear you. We hear that when you order from other places, the […]

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During winter, we work hard to correctly time our shipments of colloidal supplements with the weather. Why is that? First—What’s A True Colloid? A true colloid is a suspension of nanoparticles in water—you can identify true colloids by their color, since the particles will reflect light. Silver colloids are grey/blue, colloidal colloids are reddish, copper […]

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Supporting Small Business

August 8, 2014

Sometimes, you can’t shop local. Colloidal silver, and the good stuff in particular, isn’t even available from a store you can drive to. But you can still support small businesses, like Colloids For Life. And by doing so, you can enjoy the benefits only small businesses are able to provide: -Customer Service. If you’ve browsed […]

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