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Counting steps has been “a thing” for nearly 20 years—when it first got big step counters were in cereal boxes, pushed in PSAs, and nicer versions flooded sports stores. There was debate—are they more accurate on your hip or ankle, and how much are you cheating wearing them on your wrist or throwing them in […]

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Become a master of travel, packing, and grace with a simple trick… stop odors from accumulating. When you travel, you want to make memories, accumulate mementos, and end the trip feeling rejuvenated, happy, and maybe even accomplished. What you don’t want is accumulate odor… and drag it along with you in your luggage. Stop odors […]

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Keep Wet Shoes Fresh

April 26, 2018

Caught in the rain, stepped in a puddle, a sweaty workout, or maybe a trip through the washing machine… a lot can make shoes wet, and the secret to helping them dry fresh is Smelly Shoe Spray.

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Get More Out of Your Day

July 18, 2017

A little fresh air, a little sunshine (and resulting Vitamin D), a mental break (studies correlate being outside with boosted mood, creativity, and general peace and well-being) make getting outside a little each day a good idea. But what if it’s too hot? A break from work is a good time to get out. So is […]

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Spring Up Your Shoes

April 4, 2017

Warm weather means more time outside, more activity, and more sweat. Especially in the early days of warm weather, when our bodies haven’t adjusted yet and are still prepped for winter weather. Here’s one part of that you can keep control of: your shoes. Picture it. You come in from a fun time outdoors, maybe […]

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